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Price Increase FAQs

How will the April 2015 residential price decrease affect my account? MORE

The April 2015 decrease will result in a 3% decrease to all residential gas prices. The new Flogas standard unit rate from 1st April 2015 will be 5.1839 (5.884 incl vat) cent per kwh

How will the decrease affect Flogas Customers on Introductory Discounts? MORE

The Flogas introductory discounts will remain unchanged in the percentage difference.

How will the price decrease affect customers on the Super Saver Rate MORE

The Supersaver Discount percentage will remain unchanged, however the unit rates will decrease by 3%

Switch FAQs

Can I get Flogas Natural Gas? MORE

Yes, all residences in the Republic of Ireland that have a Natural Gas supply can be supplied with Natural Gas from Flogas.

How much will I save? MORE

You can save up to 7% on your Flogas standard unit gas rate (and up to 20%* if you choose Direct Debit). Click here for a rate comparison
* Terms and conditions apply. Discount valid for a period of 12 months. Offer available to new customers only.

How do I switch to Flogas? MORE

Switching to Flogas couldn't be easier! Please choose below. We will need confirmation of your name, address, telephone number, current meter reading, and bank account details (if choosing direct debit). You need your latest Natural Gas bill and current Meter Reading to hand. If you don't have a Meter Box key and would like to receive one please contact our Customer Service Team on 1850 306 800.

Help on this subject Click here to view a video on How to Read Your Gas Meter

Switch online now and you could get a discount of up to 20%* on your annual bill if you choose direct debit.Click here to switch now to Flogas Natural Gas
Call our Customer Care Team on:
1850 306 800
to switch easily and in minutes!
Lines open:
Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm
Download the form: New Customer Agreement Form (140kb PDF) and return to:
Flogas Natural Gas Ltd., Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

* Offer available to new cusomers only. Discount valid for a period of 12 months. An early exit fee of Euro 50 (incl vat) applies. Terms and conditions apply.

Will it cost anything to switch to Flogas? MORE

No, you keep the same meter and appliances. There is absolutely no disruption in fact the whole process is systematic and completed in seconds. You should get a closing bill from your previous supplier in the coming days and then your next bill will be from Flogas.

What will I need to switch online? MORE

You will need:

  • A recent Natural gas bill
  • Your Bank details for completing a Direct Debit mandate form
  • An up to date meter reading Click here for help on this subject(How do I get this?)

Will I need a new gas meter? MORE

No. Bord Gáis Networks manage the Natural Gas Network/Grid and is also responsible for all networks (meters/pipelines etc.), therefore you will NOT need a new meter.

Is there a disruption to my gas supply when I switch to Flogas Natural Gas? MORE

No. Changing over is seamless. There will be no disruption to your gas supply.

Will there be a price increase after the first year? MORE

New customer discounts are guaranteed for a period of 12 months, after which you may select one of our other tariffs, else revert to our standard tariff. The major influence on tariff rates are international gas supply costs and exchange rates. Flogas residential gas prices remain very competitive on the Irish Natural Gas market.

Where will my bills come from and how often? MORE

You should get a closing bill from your previous supplier in the coming days and then your next bill will be from Flogas. We invoice our Residential customers every two months.

If I am unhappy am I locked into a contract with Flogas? MORE

There will be an exit fee of 50 euro including vat for any customer who closes their account within the first 12 months.

Will Flogas service my boiler? MORE

Flogas do not provide any appliances or the servicing of same, however should any of our customers require same we will provide them with the details of a registered installer in their area for assistance

What happens to my DSFA allowance if I switch to Flogas? MORE

Once you sign up with Flogas you notify the DSFA in writing that you have changed to Flogas, on the letter you need to confirm you PPS no. date of changeover and meter reading, the DSFA will then move your allowance to Flogas so you get the same entitlement as before.

General FAQs

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your bill, no more cheque writing, posting payments or long queues in the post office.
To set up a direct debit please download, complete and return this form (28KB PDF).
There are currently 2 types of Direct Debit payment options:
A – Bill pay
. This is where the full amount of your bill is deducted from your account 14 days after bill issuance.
B – Payplan. This is where the total of your gas bills for the coming year is estimated and divided into 12 equal monthly payments, this payment is then deducted on the last working day of each calendar month.

Post Office

You can pay your gas bill in any outlet where you see the PAYPOINT sign. Remember to bring along either your bill or a Flogas Natural Gas Easy Pay card with you. To order an easy pay card please contact our customer accounts team on 041 9874800.

By Post

Send your Cheque, Bankers Draft or Postal Order made payable to Flogas Natural Gas together with details of your account number, name and address to Flogas Natural Gas, Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

Internet/Telephone Banking

Most banks and building societies have facilities to let their customers pay their bills on-line or by telephone banking. Flogas Natural Gas can be paid by direct internet banking with some banks. For further information please contact our accounts team on 041 9874800.

Finding it hard to pay your Gas bill?

If you are experiencing a time of financial difficulty and finding it hard to pay your gas bill, please contact our accounts team on 041 9874800 to discuss a special re-payment schedule. Once the arrangement has been made on your account and you maintain the agreement supplies will not be disconnected from your home.

How do I read my Meter? MORE

Image showing how to read your meterYour Flogas Natural Gas account is billed six times a year, each bill covers a two month period, your first and last bill may be for a period less than two months. Flogas Natural Gas arrange for your meter to be read three times a year and therefore every second bill you receive will be based on an estimated reading.

Estimated readings are based on previous consumption, any necessary adjustment will be made when an actual reading is obtained which would usually be on your next bill.

Taking your own Reading

Help on this subject Click here to view a video on How to Read Your Gas Meter

However if you are unhappy with an estimated bill you can take the reading yourself. On the front of your meter, you will see a panel with a number sequence on black and red. Note down the numbers that are on black (Please rollover the meter image on right to see a sample). You can now either:

Phone it in to our customer support team on 1850 306 800. Please be sure to confirm your address and meter number (see right).

Alternatively you can download and complete the METER READING FORM (540kb PDF) and return it to us at Flogas Natural Gas,Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

Alternatively you can submit a meter reading by completing the form at the link below:

Click here to Submit A Meter Reading

How do I understand my Bill? MORE

Below is a sample Residential bill. Please rollover the areas highlighted in red for an explanation.
Image of sample Flogas bill showing how to read and understand your bill

How do I stay safe? MORE

In an emergency call the 24 hour Bord Gáis Emergency Service Line

1850 20 50 50
In the interest of public safety all calls are recorded

Download our safety leaflet (512kb PDF)


  • Phone Bord Gáis immediately – if your phone is in the immediate area, it may be unsafe to use it.
  • Turn off the gas at your meter and appliances
  • Open doors and windows
  • Do not smoke/use naked flames/light switches/door bells.
  • Check with premises nearby


  • Do not use bath water heaters whilst in the bath
  • Do have central heating boilers serviced every year
  • Do have open flue appliances serviced every year
  • Do have other appliances serviced regularly




Carbon monoxide can be given off by any appliance which burns a fossil fuel such as gas, coal or oil. It can enter your home if: your appliance is faulty, or the room is not properly ventilated, or the chimney or flue is blocked.


Ensure your appliances are correctly installed and regularly serviced.
Ensure the rooms in your home containing appliances are properly ventilated - never block vents.
Make sure all chimneys and flues are regularly swept and kept clear.
Carbon Monoxide detectors / alarms are available in all good hardware stores. These provide an extra safety precaution, but never rely entirely on them.
If you have a problem contact your fuel supplier.


Sooty stains on or just above appliances.
Appliances that burn slowly, badly (floppy flames), or go out.
Condensation or dampness on walls in the room once the appliance is lit.


Carbon monoxide sometimes makes people feel ill. If you develop any of the following: drowsiness - headaches - chest pains - sudden giddiness when standing up - sickness, diarrhoea and stomach pains - stop using your appliances and ask your doctor to check for carbon monoxide poisoning.
For further information, call
1850 797979

Click here for more information on Carbon Monoxide



For Safety reasons it is now a crime for anyone other than a Registered Gas Installer to carry out Gas Work in your home.
Click here to find a RGII Gas Installer.


Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on some Cookers - Please read this Safety Notice
Click here to download this Safety Notice.