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Switching to Flogas couldn't be easier! Please choose below. We will need confirmation of your name, address, telephone number, current meter reading, and bank account details (if choosing direct debit). You need your latest Natural Gas bill and current Meter Reading to hand. If you don't have a Meter Box key and would like to receive one please contact our Customer Service Team on 1850 306 800.

Help on this subject Click here to view a video on How to Read Your Gas Meter

Switch online now and you could get a discount of up to 20%* on your annual bill if you choose direct debit.Click here to switch now to Flogas Natural Gas
Call our Customer Care Team on:
1850 306 800
to switch easily and in minutes!
Lines open:
Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm
Download the form: New Customer Agreement Form (140kb PDF) and return to:
Flogas Natural Gas Ltd., Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

* Offer available to new cusomers only. Discount valid for a period of 12 months. An early exit fee of Euro 50 (incl vat) applies. Terms and conditions apply.
Pay your Flogas Natural Gas bill online hereYou can now pay your Flogas Natural Gas bill online!


We accept most major Credit and Debit Cards including Visa, Mastercard and Laser. Note: As of 30 November 2011 we no longer accept payments by American Express.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your bill, no more cheque writing, posting payments or long queues in the post office.
To set up a direct debit please download, complete and return this form (28KB PDF).
There are currently 2 types of Direct Debit payment options:
A – Bill pay
. This is where the full amount of your bill is deducted from your account 14 days after bill issuance.
B – Payplan. This is where the total of your gas bills for the coming year is estimated and divided into 12 equal monthly payments, this payment is then deducted on the last working day of each calendar month.

Post Office

You can pay your gas bill in any outlet where you see the PAYPOINT sign. Remember to bring along either your bill or a Flogas Natural Gas Easy Pay card with you. To order an easy pay card please contact our customer accounts team on 041 9874800.

By Post

Send your Cheque, Bankers Draft or Postal Order made payable to Flogas Natural Gas together with details of your account number, name and address to Flogas Natural Gas, Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

Internet/Telephone Banking

Most banks and building societies have facilities to let their customers pay their bills on-line or by telephone banking. Flogas Natural Gas can be paid by direct internet banking with some banks. For further information please contact our accounts team on 041 9874800.

Finding it hard to pay your Gas bill?

If you are experiencing a time of financial difficulty and finding it hard to pay your gas bill, please contact our accounts team on 041 9874800 to discuss a special re-payment schedule. Once the arrangement has been made on your account and you maintain the agreement supplies will not be disconnected from your home.
Image showing how to read your meterYour Flogas Natural Gas account is billed six times a year, each bill covers a two month period, your first and last bill may be for a period less than two months. Flogas Natural Gas arrange for your meter to be read three times a year and therefore every second bill you receive will be based on an estimated reading.

Estimated readings are based on previous consumption, any necessary adjustment will be made when an actual reading is obtained which would usually be on your next bill.

Taking your own Reading

Help on this subject Click here to view a video on How to Read Your Gas Meter

However if you are unhappy with an estimated bill you can take the reading yourself. On the front of your meter, you will see a panel with a number sequence on black and red. Note down the numbers that are on black (Please rollover the meter image on right to see a sample). You can now either:

Phone it in to our customer support team on 1850 306 800. Please be sure to confirm your address and meter number (see right).

Alternatively you can download and complete the METER READING FORM (540kb PDF) and return it to us at Flogas Natural Gas,Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

Alternatively you can submit a meter reading by completing the form at the link below:

Click here to Submit A Meter Reading

Below is a sample Residential bill. Please rollover the areas highlighted in red for an explanation.
Image of sample Flogas bill showing how to read and understand your bill

In an emergency call the 24 hour Bord Gáis Emergency Service Line

1850 20 50 50
In the interest of public safety all calls are recorded

Download our safety leaflet (512kb PDF)


  • Phone Bord Gáis immediately – if your phone is in the immediate area, it may be unsafe to use it.
  • Turn off the gas at your meter and appliances
  • Open doors and windows
  • Do not smoke/use naked flames/light switches/door bells.
  • Check with premises nearby


  • Do not use bath water heaters whilst in the bath
  • Do have central heating boilers serviced every year
  • Do have open flue appliances serviced every year
  • Do have other appliances serviced regularly




Carbon monoxide can be given off by any appliance which burns a fossil fuel such as gas, coal or oil. It can enter your home if: your appliance is faulty, or the room is not properly ventilated, or the chimney or flue is blocked.


Ensure your appliances are correctly installed and regularly serviced.
Ensure the rooms in your home containing appliances are properly ventilated - never block vents.
Make sure all chimneys and flues are regularly swept and kept clear.
Carbon Monoxide detectors / alarms are available in all good hardware stores. These provide an extra safety precaution, but never rely entirely on them.
If you have a problem contact your fuel supplier.


Sooty stains on or just above appliances.
Appliances that burn slowly, badly (floppy flames), or go out.
Condensation or dampness on walls in the room once the appliance is lit.


Carbon monoxide sometimes makes people feel ill. If you develop any of the following: drowsiness - headaches - chest pains - sudden giddiness when standing up - sickness, diarrhoea and stomach pains - stop using your appliances and ask your doctor to check for carbon monoxide poisoning.
For further information, call
1850 797979

Click here for more information on Carbon Monoxide



For Safety reasons it is now a crime for anyone other than a Registered Gas Installer to carry out Gas Work in your home.
Click here to find a RGII Gas Installer.


Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on some Cookers - Please read this Safety Notice
Click here to download this Safety Notice.


SF450EN Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm

Why choose the SF450EN Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm:
  • 6 year guarantee
  • Superior electrochemical
  • cell sensing technology
  • Easy to install & use
  • Automatic sensor adjustment function
  • ensures complete accuracy
  • Approved to EN50291:2001 & kitemarked
  • Continuous self test function
  • Batteries supplied & pre-fitted in alarm
  • No sensors to replace
  • No mains power
  • No maintenance
The SF450EN is an easy to use and reliable self-contained Carbon Monoxide alarm. Designed for use in all domestic environments such as homes, caravans and boats.
Installation The SF450EN is easily attached using the fixing kit provided, with no need for any wiring. No maintenance is required for the full 6.5 year life of the alarm, with no sensors or any parts to replace.
Maintenance-free Operation This alarm, including batteries, is guaranteed for 6 years. The batteries are sealed inside the alarm, preventing access by the user and do not require replacement for the whole life of the alarm (6.5 years).

Sensor Technology

The latest electrochemical cell technology ensures complete accuracy and reliability giving a 6 year guaranteed life under normal operating conditions. It is officially approved and Kitemarked to the stringent performance requirements of EN50291:2001 - the European Standard for domestic Carbon Monoxide alarms.


  • Detection Principle - Electrochemical cell
  • Operating Voltage 4.5V
  • Alarm Life - 6.5 years under normal operating conditions
  • End of Alarm Life Warning - 3 short chirps every minute
  • Alarm Indication - Audible and visual alarm
  • Buzzer Output > 85 decibels (dB) at 3m
  • Operating Temperature Range - -10 to +40°C
  • Alarm Levels
    50ppm between 60 to 90 minutes
    100ppm between 10 to 40 minutes
    300ppm < 3 minutes (as required by EN50291:2001)
  • Weight - 140g approx.
  • Dimensions - 110mm x 76mm x 34mm
  • Test Facility - Yes
  • Self Check Function Yes

Buy a Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Flogas Budget plan Direct Debit

Flogas customers can avail of a free direct debit budgeting service for their Natural Gas account. Using your actual previous year's consumption history Flogas can calculate your yearly gas cost. The yearly amount can then be divided down into 12 equal monthly installments which will be debited from your account on the last working day of each month.

Not only will this help you know in advance what you are paying but you also eliminate those large winter bills hitting your account for one payment.

How accurate are the calculations?

Even if you have just changed supplier to Flogas, Flogas are provided with confirmation of your most recent year's consumption history by the GPRO (Gas Point Operator). This information is then used along with current pricing to calculate your gas bills including supply charges and VAT for the year.

Obviously, there are a number of factors which can affect your bill such as an increase/decrease in usage owing to temperature changes or new appliance installation and gas price changes etc, it is for this reason that Flogas will undertake to monitor your budget plan to ensure that you are not being charged too little or indeed too much on a monthly basis.

Will I continue to get a bill?

BGN (Bord Gáis Networks) will continue to read your meter and Flogas will continue to prepare and issue invoices to our customers as normal. This invoice will give you the added comfort of knowing your usage, payments to date, and of course monitor your account balance.

In the event whereby your monthly payments prove to be too high/low Flogas will contact you to increase/decrease the agreed amount so that you do not build large credit/debt on your account.

Can I change my monthly amount?

As the calculations made for your monthly budget plan are done using actual consumption figures it is not advisable to increase/decrease your monthly amount. However, Flogas are of course aware of the factors which can influence a customer's consumption and would therefore advise any customer wishing to query their budget plan amount to call our customer care team on 041 9874800.

Can I get a refund of my credit?

Customers on a budget payplan will at some stage throughout the year build a credit on their account, however this credit will be used with your monthly payments to cover the larger bills which occur throughout the year to prevent debts from accruing.

I am not on Direct Debit can I avail of a Budget payplan?

Flogas are aware that direct debit does not suit all of our customers and therefore we can also offer customers who prefer to pay their bills in the post office (or at any retail outlet with the paypoint sign) a payment card. This can be requested from our customer care team on 0419874800.

How does the payment card work?

The payment card is a swipe card similar in size to a bank card which can easily be stored in your wallet/purse. Customers can use this card to submit payments onto their account by presenting same with their payment at any post office or pay point outlet.

How do I know how much to pay?

Flogas can calculate the yearly amount similar to the direct debit budgetplan and divide this by 12 for monthly installments or 52 for weekly installments. The payplan agreement will then be noted onto the customer's account. Invoices will be issued as normal to show consumption, payments and current account balance.

What If I have arrears on my account?

Payplan arrangements should only be instigated when an account has a zero balance. However, if is not possible to clear your arrears in 1 payment, Flogas can add your arrears to the yearly calculations and spread out throughout the installment agreement.

What if I miss a payment?

The payplan agreement is unlike the budgetplan in so far as it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the payments are made in a timely fashion in line with the terms of the agreement. Should a customer miss a payment this payment should be submitted along with the next installment. In the case whereby a customer fails to make two consecutive payments in line with the payplan agreement the agreement will be cancelled and any balance owing will become due in full.

How Can I set up a payplan/budgetplan?

In order to activate either a payplan agreement or budgetplan please contact our customer service team on 041 9878400 to discuss same.

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